Seriously Simple, Seriously Fun

Welcome to Stick Figure Press, where we take lines and circles seriously (but not too seriously). I’m Ryan Foland, and I believe in the power of stick figures to tell stories, share lessons, and maybe, just maybe, change the world one simple drawing at a time.

It started with a love for simple drawings and a knack for seeing the world in lines and circles. Stick Figure Press is the culmination of this passion – a place where learning is fun, easy to digest, and yes, full of stick figures. From sailboats to TEDx talks, these little guys have been with me through it all.

Featured book series

Getting your SHIP Together

Ever thought you could learn life’s greatest lessons from stick figures? Well, now you can. ‘Getting Your Ship Together’ is our maiden series, kicking off with ‘Showmanship’ – a no-nonsense, stick-figure-filled guide to mastering public speaking. It’s like having a conversation with a friend, if your friend were made of lines and dots.

Stick Figure wisdom

Join me in the quirky world of stick figure storytelling, where I translate life experiences, feelings, and fleeting thoughts into stick figure art. These aren’t just drawings; they’re bite-sized life lessons, musings, and yes, the occasional ginger joke!

Stick Figures Take the Spotlight

Who knew stick figures could make such a splash? 

Keep it Simple, Make it Powerful

From TEDx stages to whiteboard strategy sessions, these simple drawings have made a big impact.

Books you can get through

The bite sized books mean that you can get through them fast and start applying the lessons immediately. 

Get your ship together 

Stick Figure Press is all about breaking down the complex into simple pieces and parts that will help you decode skills like ShowmanSHIP, LeaderSHIP, EntrepreneurSHIP, and more!