Sailing Resume

about me

Ahoy, I’m Ryan Foland.

I grew up in a family of sailors. I own a 1977 Cal 34 and frequently sail to Catalina Island, many of the trips being single-handed. I have raced a Wavelength 24′ for an entire Summer Series, and we won first place in our class. I’ve raced on a Santa Cruz 36 around the Farallon Islands, and I participated in the 2021 California Race Week on a Santa Cruz 52. I enjoy the mast position, am always ready to grind, and I’m open to learning and helping where I’m highest and best value. I am a go-getter, a good listener, and very coachable. I love being on the water, and I am also very safety conscious.


I enjoy the mast/bow. I strive for fast hoists, and good jibes. I’m a hard worker, good listener, and fast learner. I’m also happy to be a grinder, trimer, and/or be in the pit. 

Media Savvy

I have a passion for multi media, including photography and videography. I’m tech and social media savvy, and enjoy documenting sailing adventures.

Willing to Work

Offshore race teams need someone who is a gofer. Need someone to cook, clean, or swab the decks? Need someone to fillet fresh mahi-mahi?
I’m happy to help. 

What I lack in racing experience I possess in other talents like a photography, filleting fish, and videography.

“Ryan was a key member of my crew aboard a Wavelength 24, PURSUIT in 2018, handling the bow. We won the 18-race Sunset Series (and several other regattas) that year with a lot of close mark roundings that required precise sail handling to maintain positions, especially on the foredeck.”

Brendan H. 

“Ryan crewed on my Santa Cruz 52 during two legs of the California Offshore race week, rotating between bow, pit, and grinder. He came with the right attitude, worked hard, and didn’t complain. Post-race, he also put together an impressive video recap that we all enjoyed watching and sharing.”

Aaron W.

“Ryan and I have worked the bow together in numerous races both in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. He is a great communicator and together we would discuss strategy and sequence to improve consistency and speed of transitions (sail changes, hoisting, dropping, and jibing) ensuring fast sailing with a two man team.

Justan U.

“Ryan has been a terrific addition to the Latitude 38 team as an editorial contributor and key developer of our new Good Jibes podcast. He’s been an energetic and enthusiastic supporter of all things Latitude and sailing and, though we have yet to sail together, would surely would be hard-working contributor on any boat.”

John A.

Certified: Safety at Sea

Safety is is important to me, and I enjoyed the Safety at Sea course. I am fully equipped for offshore racing, with gear that meets and exceeds all safety regulations. 

Staff Commodore- Blue Water Cruising Club

If you need crew, let’s chat

As a part of the Latitude 38 magazine team, I am a frequent contributor to the magazine and ‘Lectronic Latitude. As crew for the 2022 Pacific Cup I would do my best to include you in some of the race coverage in the most popular sailing magazine in the west.