Aside from being a dynamic speaker and award-winning author, I am a well recognized personal branding expert.

I specialize in helping people build intentional personal brands that are relatable, authentic, and influential. My process and methods have been developed from my own experiences, research, and building my own brand from scratch.

My goal is to make you win at being you.


Ryan Foland will challenge you to keep things simple and make them powerful. The Global Keynote Speaker, Author, and Branding Expert has inspired thousands to obliterate and revitalize their brands with his infamous 3-1-3 Challenge.

The 3-1-3 Method allows you to go out and explain who you are in three sentences, down to one sentence, then onto three words. Whether you’re talking to someone in person, online, or over the phone, this process will help you pique the interest of the people you’re speaking with so they are more interested in learning more about you and what you do. This is much better than the alternative: selling them on exactly what it is you do and giving them too much information up front.


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