Ahoy, I’m Ryan…

The best way I can help you out, is to learn more about your TEDxWaterStreet talk. Maybe your “talk” is an outline, or a first draft, or a tenth draft. Wherever you are at on your talk journey, a second set of eyes and ears can help you see and hear things that you just can’t see or hear. As the lead speaker trainer for the 2022 TEDxWaterStreet event, I am offing to spend 30 minutes with you to do what is highest value for where you are at (e.g. talk through ideas, help with your script, or to see a dry run). If you are interested, you can book directly on my calendar. 


Giving a TEDx talk can feel like getting chased by a bear. 

One the most powerful things I can give you, is a look into the processes I go through when developing speeches, specifically for the TEDx stage. Click on the button below and access a comprehensive article that has everything you need to create an epic TED talk.

Feel free to copy or modify to fit your style and strengths. I do have to warn you. The article is packed with information, and it might be intimidating. Think of it as more of a handbook, resource, or ebook. You are likely to get excited, start reading, then get fatigued and need a break, or two, or three. Take it at your own pace. You will need to invest time into each step, so think of this as a treasure map.

Don’t create a speech in a vacuum.

I have a fun and rewarding exercise you can do well before you finalize your talk. There are thousands of TED talks already given and it likely that your topic has been covered in one way, shape, or form. A pro tip is to search the TED and TEDx YouTube pages using various keywords to describe your topic, especially searching for key words in your title. Then take the time to watch them. Pay attention to the talk’s elements that made it great, and/or look for things that could be improved. Seeing what is out there and watching how other are talking about a similar topic is a great way to make sure your talk will stand out as unique, powerful, and memorable. 

Need additional help? 

As a the lead Speaker Trainer at TEDxWaterStreet, in addition to offering a thirty minute meeting to support your talk’s journey, I’m also offering my TEDx coaching program at a steep discount. Instead of my normal TEDx coaching fees, I am offering speech development and coaching for TEDxWaterStreet speakers, for a steep discount. If you are interested to learn more, send me an email, and I can explain in detail how it works.

What Being a TEDx Speaker Trainer Means to Me

I remember in 2014 before I even did my first TEDx, I knew a a lead TEDx Speaker Trainer, and I was like, “One day, that will be me.” In 2020, that dream came true, and I had a blast working with TEDxWaterStreet speakers to support their passion for sharing their red carpet worth, big ideas. My goal is to be there as a resource when needed, and share what I have learned from giving four TEDx talks myself, and being involved in other events like TEDxLosAngeles and TEDxUCIrvine. I look forward to meeting you, learning about your idea worth spreading, and bringing value where I can.


Don’t take my word for it – here’s what my TEDx coaching clients say:

“If you are preparing for a TEDx talk, book Ryan to coach you through it. I have been a speaker for years, but when it came to doing this TEDx I froze and almost gave up.

But Ryan came through and helped me push through my paralysis and keep me on track. I couldn’t have done it or been as prepared as I was without him. His creativity and joy through the process was just what I needed.”

Jeff Tatarchuk

CMO at VMAccel & VaultMiner Technologies Corp

“Sometimes we get a little in our own head and need an outside eye/ear (or two) to help guide us. Ryan’s personal experience and just level of CARE was invaluable. There are coaches who work with you once and leave you to the sharks, but Ryan was consistent, followed up when I wanted to hide, and was encouraging in a way I can’t explain. He helped make my message stronger and brought new ideas and creativity to the entire talk. If you’re about to walk out on the TEDx stage, I highly recommend reaching out to work with him.”

Danny Johnson

Motivational Speaker and Podcast Host

“With profound simplicity, Ryan has helped me reached the source of my motivation to a ever higher levels of preparation and delivery that has since inspired thousands as a first time TEDx Speaker.

Working with him now as the lead coach for TEDxWaterStreet is great privilege because I know he can create the same magical and positive experience for our speakers for years to come.”

Jean Paul Laurent

Company nameFounder and CEO at Unspoken Smiles