Come Up With a Business Idea That Doesn’t Suck

In my new free course that is part of the Dot Online Academy, we will investigate and explore proven approaches to ideation that can inspire your next business venture or side hustle.

You will also learn how to pitch your new idea with the 3-1-3® Framework.

Discover and Pitch Your BIG Idea

The good news is that there is only one prerequisite: The desire to build your own business, and/or develop a passion project.

What to expect

This is the first of three courses that will give you a blueprint to build your business. In this free course, you will gain access to video lectures, readings, infographics, worksheets, checklists, and hands-on activities that can be done asynchronously, at your own pace.

Taking this course will help you with the following:

Develop creative thinking skills 

Create something entirely new and innovative or to reinvent an old idea into something new and improved

Learn how to how you pitch your ideas

By the end of this course you swill be able to:

Transform ideas and inspirations into real-world creations and/or applications

Experiment and problem solve through testing and iterating

Present and showcase one’s work process succinctly and articulately

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